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Dear Parents,

We are fast approaching the end of the year.  Students and faculty here at Milford Elementary School have been preparing for academic success.  The State requires us to take a summative assessment called the SAGE Assessment.  This assessment affects students in grades 3 through 6.  This test will determine mastery of essential core curriculum concepts that students have been learning throughout this school year.  There is a new school grading system called UCAS that the state has adopted which hinges much of our score rating on how well students do on these tests.  We know many of our students are excelling in school and grades reflect that they are, however some of our students have a hard time showing what they know on these tests due to many variables.  Fatigue, hunger, lack of motivation, attendance, and being just overwhelmed, or nervous are just a few of the challenges that students may face during this assessment time.  We would like to make this testing time as positive and successful as possible.  Here are some ideas to support success at school and how you can help on the home front.

Ways to help at home:

  1. The SAGE will not only include math, language arts, and science, but writing as well.  This writing assessment is in process now.  Dates are as follows:

6th Grade:  4/1, 4/8, 4/15

5th Grade:  4/3, 4/10/4/23

4th Grade: 3/26, 3/27

3rd Grade: 4/22, 4/24

  1. Please make sure your students are here at school during our testing dates.  The math, language arts, and science assessments are April 28th-May 16th.

  2. Students will need to have a good night’s rest before coming to school.  

  3. Students will need to eat a good healthy hearty breakfast before school.  

  4. Talk with your child/children about doing their best and why doing their best will make a difference for them and our school.

Ways we will help at school:

  1. We have designed an incentive plan at school where students can earn tickets for prizes.  They can earn tickets for attendance on test days and bonus points for attending all SAGE assessment days.  They earn tickets for using all the time effectively during their testing sessions, showing all their work as they solve problems in math, and by their preliminary score if they reached benchmark levels.  All tickets will be used in school and grade level drawings to earn various prizes.  The grade level with the most ticket percentage will have a swim party at the Milford Community pool.  Individual prices will consist of a variety of passes and treats.  This will take place at a special awards assembly after CRT testing has been completed.

  2. We will provide healthy snacks each day before testing.

  3. Having classroom discussions on the importance of doing ‘your best’ and how it will make a difference for them and our school.

Click on links below for more information on the Sage Testing for Grades 3 - 6

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3rd Quarter Honor Roll Recipients


4th Grade                                   5th Grade                                       6th Grade    

Rhyder Ambrose                            Alyssa                                           Maddison

Blake Barnes                                Chezney                                        Paige

Caleb Bostic                                 Bret Beebe                                     Bryson Barnes

Ryker Carter                                 Brianna Cook                                  Preslee Barnson

Kydon Davis                                 Mya Bonner                                    Carson Cox

Kason Finch                                 Ashlyn Curtis                                  Nathan

Teresa Gaspar                              Caitlyn Dana                                   Jacelin Hardy

Paige Hardy                                  MaKaysha                                     Eric Lepe

William Monroe                              Kalce Dotson                                 Akaydeh

Spencer Slade                               Nicole Dotson                                Orlando Lopez

JaLeana Tsosie                             Madysen                                        Mafulu Mafulu

Ethan Valenzuela                          Naveah Hardy                                 Kyler McDermott

Alexa Walker                                Shayla                                           Melody Pyne

NayVee Williams                          Taylor Larsen                                  Jocelyn Robinson

Marques Williamson                      Jason Lin                                       Jaycee Rose

Jase Wilson                                  Trinity Mayer                                  Zachary Sherwood

Weston Wiseman                          Jex Netto                                       Eddie Valenzuela

Statler Wright                                Kyden Peters                                 Cataloina Vidales

Brynley Wunderlich                        Sage Rollins                                   Kinsey Williams

MaKenna Yardley                           TJ Rowe                                         Aliza Woolsey

                                                     Semaia Sionaia                              Brikelle

                                                     Phillip Swapp

                                                     Kinley Spaulding

                                                     Tyler Thomas

                                                     LeQuison Tsosie


**  Not all recipients have been placed on this list due to FERPA laws.  If your child's name should be on the list, please contact the office for the necessary paperwork.


 The School LAND Trust Program 2012-2013 Milford EL Final Report is available by clicking here.

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