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Welcome back to a new school year.  Once again, we are gearing up for another fabulous year of learning. Teachers are preparing for their students to arrive on August 20th.   We hope your children are as well.  They will have an amazing year as teachers, students, and parents partner together and commit to educational excellence.  Milford Elementary School is noted for always improving and excelling in everyway.  We want the best for our school and value continual learning for both students and staff. 

 There are several items that are important to mention:

 1.  We will be having a group meeting at 6:00 pm during Back to School Night on August 20, 2014 to share with you new initiatives that are being implemented at Milford Elementary School.  Our character education and self-management program, math interventions, and of course, music are just a few highlights.   After this meeting, you will have an opportunity to visit your child’s classroom.  There will be three rotations should you have multiple children or would like to visit Mr. Carbine’s classroom, in the kiva, to be more informed about band.

 2.  Our community council has 4 positions up for reelection.  If you are interested in filling a position, please notify our office by September 5, 2014.  Should there be more than 4 interested parties, we will hold an election and notify you via our Facebook page, website, and a note home.    Please see the community council information flier enclosed for dates, times, and member assignments thus far.

 3.  Again, our numbers are such that it is necessary to split three classes this year.  We will be offering a 2/3 split, 3/4 split, and a 5/6 split classroom to best meet the needs of students.  We value smaller classroom sizes in that it allows a teacher to work with students in smaller numbers.  Should your child be assigned a split classroom, please know that we have carefully considered the needs of your child and know that they will be successful.  We have allocated additional times for an instructional aide to support learning in these classrooms to ensure that each grade level’s core curriculum will be supported.  Also, each corresponding grade level teacher will be collaborating with corresponding grade level classrooms for science and social studies.  Be assured, we have worked hard and planned strategically to meet every student’s needs and we are confident that he/she will succeed.

We have had parental requests for their children to either be in a split classroom or not be in a split classroom.  We appreciate your input and acknowledge your perspective.  Please know that we have done our best to honor requests, however, it will be impossible to accommodate everyone’s wishes.  We thank you, in advance, for your support and belief in our school and trusting our staff to make these recommendations. 

 4.  We have planned our Assessment day on August 27, 2014.  There will be NO regular school day for Milford Elementary School.   Your child’s teacher will be scheduling an individual appointment to meet with each student to administer assessments that will help in meeting individual needs and interventions.  Please be sure your child is there on their scheduled appointment.

Again, we are looking forward to school starting and are thrilled to see students fill the halls of Milford Elementary School.

 Teacher assignments for the school year 2014-2015

Kindergarten             Mrs. M. Wiseman

Kindergarten             Mrs. K. Davis

1st Grade                     Mrs. C. Davis

1st Grade                     Mrs. Willden

2nd Grade                   Mrs. Ambrose

2nd/3rd Split                Mrs. Thompson

3rd/4th Split                Mrs. Wright

4th Grade                    Mrs. Thomas & Mrs. Rose

5th Grade                    Mr. D. Hollingshead

6th Grade                    Mr. Barnes

5th/6th Split                 Mrs. George

Special Education      Mr. C. Hollingshead

Music Education        Mr. Carbine

Literacy Facilitator    Mrs. Rose

Class Assignments are posted on the front entrance of the school.


Karen Johnson


 The School LAND Trust Program 2012-2013 Milford EL Final Report is available by clicking here.

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