Cub Corner News

The Cub Corner News is headlines reported by some of our students about events that have happened in our school.


November Inspirations

By Kiley Fisher, Brexton Barnes and Griffin Walker

At the elementary, we have a bulletin board in the front office. It is about the people who show leadership skills. For example, if a student is quiet while typing in typing class, or if someone drops stuff and a student helps pick it up. We do this, so we can show people how great our school is.  

We would personally like to show our appreciation to all of the faculty and parents that helped during the week of the book fair. There were many volunteers that helped us set up, check out, and make things run a lot smoother. We know that they had to take time out of their schedules for that, and we are very grateful.

On November 11th, we walked to the Milford Cemetery to honor fallen and alive veterans. The school sang patriotic songs and stood for a prayer. We really loved getting the chance to remember our veterans and look forward to it next year. 

This month we are doing a food drive for people that don’t get Thanksgiving and that don’t get food. So we’re asking kids to bring canned food, so we give it to the people. This was the school's first time doing this service project. Our school brought a grand total of 1309 cans! We had our assembly on 11/22/19. It was a blast!

Red Ribbon Week

Last week our school had many fun days to show our support of being drug free. We also had many fun activities, like the book fair. This was set up in the library where students could buy a large variety of things like, books for their age, pens, pencils, bookmarks, journals, and many more! We also had assemblies, some short field trips, and awesome parties! 

On Monday, Students At MES went berserk for the day as they did their hair with spikes and mohawks. They also wore their shirts inside out pants too long. All while they ate lunch with grandparents or someone else that was important. After lunch the students and their grand went to the book fair to buy books for relatives and themselves.

On Tuesday, the students at MES cozied up and got into some pajamas. This day was a favorite among many students. We saw everything from onsies to sweatpants, and we had a blast!

On Wednesday, teachers held SLC’s (Student Led Conference) Where students show off their grades, accomplishments,graphs, and leadership papers. The students do most of the talking as they explain how they could do better and talk about how they use a leadership binder along with other great tools. The teachers told the parents test scores and other important data.

On Thursday, it was Halloween. That day everyone put their costumes on, and when everyone got back from putting on their awesome costumes, we went to the hospital to show the people our costumes. When we got back the teachers danced and the choir sang. After we had our costume parade, everyone had a party, led by our fantastic parents. Then we sadly had to leave all this fun and go home, but we were still excited to get lots of candy. 

On Friday, the students at MES dressed up in our school colors red, black, and white. We wear our school colors to support our school. It was a great way to end such an amazing week at MES!

2018-2019 Articles Leadership Day    

Leadership day was a success! All of the classes at our beloved school sang, performed, cheered, and many other great things! The classes put a lot of effort into this day. After the parents and the people who came for this great day went on tour of the school, they ate lunch with their kids. The choir sang some amazing songs!
The math-a-thon was a great success! We raised over 5,000 dollars! Our goal was 4,000. Mr. H had to dress up like a woman all day! He even wore the high heels and makeup. This is the picture after we dressed him up: 

Habit #4 Assembly

MES recently watched the assembly for Habit 4: Think Win Win. To start the assembly off, the students recited the 7 habits. Next, the book “The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister, was read to the school.  After that, the student council (Paizlee Florence, Colton Barnes, Hadley Griffiths, and Keilen Tsosie) did a skit that really showed how thinking win win can benefit everyone in our school and community!

WIn-WIn Assembly Picture 1 Win-WIn Assembly Pix 2

Spelling Bee

We have many amazing spellers in our school. The MES School Spelling Bee held Jan. 30 was a tough competition! Students in the bee even used a cold list to get the top three spellers in Milford Elementary School! These finalists had advanced to the district spelling bee hosted by MES on Feb. 11! The MES top 3 spellers were:

#1 Emma Stewart

 #2 Ellie Christensen #3 Emmie Cluff

Spelling Bee Winners

Science fair!

This year MES had some awesome science fair projects! Congratulations to the winners of this year’s science fair! Good luck to the winners of the 5th and 6th grade. They will be able to move on to the state science fair! These students are Whitney Wiseman, Emmie Cluff, Judd Netto, Peyton Thomas, Kendra Schofield, Carson Cheney, and Tanu Aatui!

Holiday Gram Event

This year MES has had a new idea. They have recently participated in a service project to raise money for Shop with a Cop. Kids got to pay only 25 cents to buy other people in the school a Holiday Gram candy cane during the last week of school in December. Students and teachers all over the school got to purchase a Holiday Gram! They got to write a little note to someone special. The money earned was donated to Shop with a Cop. It was a grand total of $608.70!

Shop with a Cop is a program that gives kids presents and assistance during the holidays. A cop takes selected children shopping, and they pick out presents for Christmas. The money donated from the MES Holiday Grams has helped many families to have a wonderful holiday. Participating in the Holiday Gram event was a great way for our school to practice Habit 4: Think Win-Win!

Christmas Program

This year we had an awesome Christmas play that the 6th graders got to make. They took the story, “Twas the Night Before Christmas” and transformed it into their own original play called, “Twas One CRAZY Night Before Christmas.” some roles other students did were:

Greeters: Krymzen Williams

Cori Holm

Caslon Davis

Jensen James

Halle Wiseman

Emi Grimley Isabella Stewart

Slade Kesler

Crew Griffiths

Tolu Aaitui