Attendance Policy

Definitions -

"Excused Absence or Valid Excuse " means:

a. an absence resulting from:

i. illness;

ii. death of family member;

iii. an approved school activity; or

iv. any other reason established by the district as valid.

1. In determining whether to pre-approve an extended absence of a student as a valid excuse, the district shall approve the absence if the district determines that the absence will not adversely impact the student's education.

b. an absence permitted by a student's:

i. inpidualized education program, developed pursuant to the Inpiduals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act; or

ii. accommodation plan, developed pursuant to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Utah Code Ann. § 53A-11-101(9)(2007)

Utah Code Ann. § 53A-11-101.3 (2007)

Utah Admin. Rules R277-607-1(C) (March 3, 2000)

2. "Home School" means a school comprised of one or more students officially excused from compulsory public school attendance under this policy and Utah Code Ann. § 53A-11-102.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-438-1 (May 19, 2005)

3. "Private School" means a school satisfying the following criteria:

a. maintained by private inpiduals or entities;

b. maintained and operated not at public expense;

c. generally supported, in part at least, by tuition fee or charges;

d. operated as a substitute for, and giving the equivalent of, instruction required in public schools;

e. employment teachers able to provide the same quality of education as public school teachers;

f. established to operate indefinitely and independently, not dependent upon the age of the students available or upon inpidual family situations; and

g. licensed as a business by the Utah Department of Business Regulations.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-438-1 (May 19, 2005)

4. "Truant" means absent without a valid excuse or excused absence.

Utah Code Ann. § 53A-11-101(7)(2007)

School Efforts to Resolve Attendance Problems-

Prior to or no later than school registration, the parent(s) of all students in grades 1-12 shall be provided written notice from the school or district informing parents of Compulsory Education attendance laws and encouraging parental cooperation.

1. A student registering in the school district during the school year shall be provided written notice explaining the school and school district's compulsory education policy.

2. A student moving from one school to another within the same district may be provided written notice explaining the school and school district's compulsory education policy.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-607-4 (March 3, 2000)

The District shall make reasonable efforts to resolve the school attendance problems of its students, including the following, as deemed reasonably feasible by the Board or its designee in inpidual cases:

1. Counseling of the student by school authorities;

2. Issuing a Notice of Truancy (see district policy);

3. Issuing a Notice of Compulsory Education Violation (see district policy);

4. Adjusting the curriculum and schedule if determined necessary to meet special needs of the student;

5. Considering alternatives proposed by the parent or legal guardian;

6. Monitoring school attendance of the student;

7. Voluntarily participating in truancy mediation, if available;

8. Providing the student's parent or legal guardian, upon request, a list of resources available to assist the parent or legal guardian in resolving the student's attendance problems; and

9. Enlisting the assistance of community and law enforcement agencies as appropriate.

This policy and related statute do not impose any civil liability on the school district or its employees.

Utah Code Ann. § 53A-11-107 (2007)