Compulsory Education

We are committed to providing quality education to its students and is concerned when a child misses school for any reason. Milford Elementary School requires that all children achieve mastery in the basic skills identified for reading, language arts, and mathematics. Absence from school interferes with a child’s opportunity to master these skills.

According to the Utah Compulsory Attendance Laws (U.C.A. §53A-11-101), every school age child must be in school. Parents are responsible for their children’s regular school attendance. It is a misdemeanor if you fail to have your child in regular attendance; and it is the position of Milford Elementary School that it will comply with its part of the process, specifically, to monitor student attendance and communicate with parents if attendance becomes an issue.

Occasionally, a student must be absent from school for reasons which are acceptable to the school as well as the court. When this occurs, please contact the school through a phone call to the office as soon as possible. There also are times where a student must leave school during the day, specifically for appointments such as those with a dentist or doctor. Whenever possible, these appointments should be arranged after school hours. If they must occur during school hours, the student is excused only for the time it takes to travel to and from and the appointment itself. Please refer to Milford Elementary School’s attendance policy for more specific details available in the office and their website.

Your cooperation is needed to help us give your student a quality education.